Given the inextricable linkage between health and academic performance, it is established that falling health leads to falling academic achievements. One may therefore reasonably conclude that educational institutions today cannot harp on academic instruction alone. Health and provision of healthcare services become the logical derivative of this scenario.
Dispensary is full-fledged unit with provision for one full time Medical Officer, and two part time doctors (based on prior commitment for availing their local hospitals & services on emergency) who are assisted by supporting staff.

The Medical Service

It is a healthcare service, which is contacted using the below-listed emergency phone number. It is primarily designed to provide pre-hospitalization emergency care to an individual with a severe health impairment or to someone facing a life-threatening situation. It is used in the case of a sudden severe illness or injury, when the patient cannot be expected to get to the hospital by themselves. This service is also used in the event of an accident, when someone needs to receive immediate care. It is also used when someone needs to be taken to a hospital for emergency medical care in order to prevent the further deterioration or a health condition or when there is a threat to someones life.


The dispensary has fair amount of facilities like an electronic BP apparatus with pulse reader, silicone stand, frequently required medicines, dressing materials etc. It has one patient bed to extend emergency first aid and also for examination. Local private ambulance service is available which is very close to the institute.